Hang Outdoors® Development and Design

Outdoor Industry Web and Application - Put your business out in front!

Hang Outdoors® offers web development and marketing for business in the outdoor industry exclusively. We understand your business and the unique challenges in reaching the correct audience for your needs. We can develop web site and mobile application's ranging from small to large enterprise scale systems.

We can provide:
  • Design and development of your website.
  • Development of reusable components.
  • Training and Work flow so you are in control of your own content.
  • Mobile application development.
  • E-Commerce Sites.
  • Responsive and Adaptive Site Design.
  • Booking Systems to handle on-line reservations for your business or event.
  • Integration into existing data sources and systems.
  • Restful, API and Feeds
  • Image Editing
  • Professional Video creation and editing.
In addition to our design and development services we can assist you in ramping up your marketing as well as customer engagement.  You will be empowered to grow your own content and take control of your marketing.
We utilize a multitude of technologies and pride ourselves as a Microsoft .NET Full Stack development firm.  We do all of the the design and development in-house and our CMS (Content Management System) of choice is Kentico, which the most rich and robust cms that we have used.  Kentico is the only CMS we use for development that requires a CMS.  As an example, the Hang Outdoors, Outdoor Information System, is using Kentico exclusively with custom developed modules, web parts and system integrations and API's.

If you would like to contact use feel free to contact our Partner Division at anytime.

Below you will find more information on Kentico and solid base that your system will be foundated upon.


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