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Mountain Biking Great Exercise and Fun

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the great outdoors, exercising and having fun.  Racing down a mountainside is exhilarating; however,...

Biking - by: Charles 1/17/2015
Mountain Bikes Riding Guide

Mountain bike riders must have shock system type of bikes that include full suspension and hard tail and even no suspension. The shock system is im...

Biking - by: Charles 1/17/2015
Mountain Bike Frames

Your very first ride down the steep slopes of a bona fide mountain on a rock strewn trail on an old bike will undoubtedly leave you convinced to th...

Biking - by: Charles 1/17/2015
How To Chose A Mountain Bike

The first thing to do before purchasing a bicycle for any reason is to know what your primary riding is going to be. Most people initially purchase...

Biking - by: Charles 1/17/2015
Fitting A Bike Frame To Your Needs

For most of us, well-intentioned but casual bike riders who secretly believe we might be Lance Armstrong's heir if we only had a few more hours...

Biking - by: Charles 1/17/2015
Bike Buying Tips

The Right Bike for You.  Want to buy a bike but don’t know where to begin? Maybe a friend of yours recommends getting a certain bike, wh...

Biking - by: Charles 1/17/2015
Bike Survival Kit

Ride Safe (The Tools Every Biker Should Have Along for the Ride) It’s actually quite easy to do routine maintenance on your own bike. And ha...

Biking - by: Charles 1/17/2015
Take Pride in Your Stride

 Join United States Surgeon General Regina Benjamin’s “Everybody Walk” campaign to help promote National Public Health Week,...

Hiking - by: Charles 1/17/2015
Essential Camping Supplies

There are certain supplies that every family should have when camping. Ensuring you have the basic supplies to have fun and stay safe will enhance ...

Camping - by: Charles 1/17/2015
Camping Makes the Weekend Perfect

Do you have a weekend without anything to do or a weekend when you don’t want to do anything?  I know what I’d do.  I would p...

Camping - by: Charles 1/17/2015
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