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Welcome to Hang Outdoors®
At Hang Outdoors® we are committed to provide a state of the art venue dedicated to all outdoor enthusiasts.  HangOutdoors.com was created for those who are not content to merely observe their environment but desire to be part of their environment, and wish to connect with others who share their outdoor interests. Whether you fish, camp, golf, kayak, canoe, hike, bike, snowboard, ski or just enjoy being in the great outdoors – have we got a place for you! From our continuously updated library and worldwide database of research information, to our private, all inclusive, member networking feature, we at Hangoutdoors.com strive to be your outdoor connection- the number one go-to place for anything and everything outdoor related.

You can use the entire site without becoming a member, but certain features do require a membership. Becoming a member is free and always will be.  Additionally, as a member, you have the option of being searchable and available to everyone, to friends, or you can be a private member - for those who wish to enjoy and utilize every feature and application that is here, anonymously.  You can join a community and add friends, create groups and forums, write blogs to share, or explore and enjoy the community individually.  Here, at Hang Outdoors® it's your choice.

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Enjoy The Outdoors With Family And Friends
Enjoy The Outdoors Alone And Peaceful
About Hang Outdoors®
Hang Outdoors® was conceived several years ago by a group of outdoor enthusiasts.  We found it daunting and quite time consuming to continually search the internet to find reports, locate people who shared the same interests, and easily keep in touch as well as find applications and databases for research on the outdoors.  A lot of planning and hard work have gone into creating this website and its many applications. Hang Outdoors® will continually be changing with the addition of new content and new sections.  We definitely appreciate and welcome all suggestions on what could be enhanced, added and changed.  Hang Outdoors® is your website, too, so feel free to send us suggestions via the link at the bottom of the page.

Below you will find projected launch dates of specific features and sections.  Keep checking back as new areas go live and new sections are added.
Site Sections
Communities Each outdoor activity has its own section.
My Outdoors Member customizable home page.
Member Groups Groups, forums and web pages.
Outdoor Chat Member Chat in real time with members.
Activity Databases Numerous outdoor databases.
Media Pictures, Video's and Documents. 
Outdoor Directory Outdoor Business Directory.
Blogs Create your own outdoor blogs.

Outdoor Business Directory
Take the time to visit our outdoor directory.  You can find outdoor related businesses which carry the products and services you are looking for.  We are currently enrolling outdoor partners and more are being added each week.

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